The Meditation Experience


dropIN offers a secular approach to meditation in a variety of styles

dropIN provides a wide variety of mediation styles to explore: 

Concentration, Mindfulness, Reflective, Creative and Heart-Centered.


Meditation works as a natural stress reliever and improves brain function over time.

That’s the kind of self-improvement return on investment you can really get behind. And dropIN makes meditation accessible, convenient, and effective. We are focused on making sure dropIN’s atmosphere increases the effectiveness of your meditation time by cutting out distractions and providing direction. 

Pull up a cushion, and expand your inner bliss.


Everyone should experience the benefits of mediation. That’s why dropIN will offer your first class free! Once you’ve experienced the deep relaxation and inner stillness that mediation offers, you’ll want to sign up for our limited time offer: one week of unlimited classes for $25.

After your introduction to dropIN, pricing looks like this:

1 DropIN


per class

5 DropINs


per pack

10 DropINs


per pack




Month-to-month members can dropIN for all classes and use studio space for self-guided meditation during non-class times

In addition to group, guided meditations, dropIN offers workshops, corporate wellness classes, and one-on-one training. 

What to Expect

  • Wear whatever you’d like. Some people come in gym clothes. Other people pop in in their street clothes. Pajamas are a-okay with us, too. No one’s going to judge you here. 

  • No need to bring anything. We provide meditation cushions. Just show up. 

  • Once you’re settled on your cushion, the instructor will kick off the class with a brief introduction, offer suggestions on how to get comfortable, and lead you through some simple breathing exercises. Then the instructor will lead you through a guided meditation, and gently bring you back “to the real world” as the class ends.