Hi, I’m Kelly! I discovered meditation through Yoga 25 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 6 years ago that I became extremely interested in meditation by itself to help with the extreme stress of everyday life that we all face. Since then, I've noticed a gradual change in my stress levels - my panic attacks have completely stopped and I'm also able to enjoy my life more because I have a tool that eliminated my lowgrade, lingering anxiety - like the "Sunday Scaries". For these reasons, I love meditation and I feel it's my calling to get everybody doing it! Last year, I dreamt of starting a business where people could be members and have a place where they could sit on a cushion and be guided by a meditation professional to learn how to meditate and also have fun while doing it. In my vision, this space is beautiful, comfortable and minimal yet with warm, community feel. When people walk in, they are immediately enveloped in a warm hug by the pure and peaceful energy of the place.

When we meditate, we essentially drop in to ourselves and surrender to the stillness deep within. You can also drop into the studio - whether it's for a class or to just use the space to meditate solo between classes. So, the business dropIN was created! The tagline - Meditation Made Modern because meditation has been around forever! However, many people think of meditation as a monk sitting on a mountain top or a person in the 60's cross-legged in a tiedye t-shirt and a cloud of incense smoke. What about the corporate executive who is extremely stressed out from working long hours under tight deadlines? Or, the stay-at-home Mom of twins who doesn't even get a minute of alone time to finish a thought? Or, the Med School student who needs their brain at peak perfection to ace their upcoming exam? These people are just a few examples of those experiencing stress in our modern society who need a modern approach that will fit into their tight schedules and provide a respite from life's demands.

DropIN will offer space—space to breathe, space to renew, space to just be. In our compartmentalized world, we have designated spaces for all manner of things: crossfit boxes, spin classes, yoga studios. Why not meditation? At dropIN, you reserve your cushion, leave your busyness and stress at the door, and delve into your inner peace and quiet. Our guided meditation professionals gently coach you through your time at dropIN, so you leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized.

I believe that meditation lends itself to self-awareness, which ripples out into society—making for a more conscious, peaceful world. I’ve certainly experienced my own share of stress, depression, and anxiety. Meditation makes me feel like Superwoman, because I have this tool for peace and well-being right here within myself! Meditation truly empowers us to live as our best selves.